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In this course you will learn how to take your love for the written word and learn to share your presence, position, and influence amongst your peers.

We’ll talk about other things that’ll help you be successful, but if this class sounds like a journey you’re willing to take continue on with me as I take you through each step.

Current Writing Project

Became an orphan at a young age? Check. Survived the apocalypse before I was 20? Check Learned how to survive and thrive on my own? Check, check. Survive the fact that everything I was ever told to believe was a lie and I might be dying as we speak even though I feel totally fine and can still kick butt any day of the week? Yeah, I'm not sure about that.
Deserted Word Count Progress
47,745 / 80,000

*Perspective 2021 Release

A Little Bit About Me

Since 2014, I have immersed myself into the world of book blogging - heck, blogging in its entirety. In doing so, I was able to check off one of the goals I had allowed to blossom in my mind and heart. It has since become my therapy and my best friend, helping me to express myself when at times the words typed on my blog were the only confidant I had for the words I needed to say. Fast forward to 2015, I have since worked alongside authors by Beta Reading, Editing, Copy-editing, and Proofreading their published and pre-published works. Finally in 2018, I obtained my Bachelor's from Southern New Hampshire University in Communication, with a concentration in Professional Writing.